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Wine Lover's Box

Saxelby Cheese

Wine Lover's Box
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This collection brings together three little-known but truly excellent cheeses.  Little Hosmer is a petite, 4 oz. bloomy rind cheese from Jasper Hill Farm that we would pair alongside sparkling wines, lean whites, and light reds.  Tubby from Springbrook Farms (by way of Crown Finish Caves) would be best paired with Chardonnay, richer whites, or rosé.  Wischago from Hidden Springs Creamery in Wisconsin has that sheep's milk richness and oomph to stand up to stronger red wines or dessert wines (oxidized or not, sweet or not).  Naturally, these are all suggestions!  We invite you to test and come to your own conclusions.

To round out the selection of cheeses, we have included Jan's Farmhouse Crisps and a chocolate bar from Raaka made with Cabernet Sauvignon.

Includes a pound of cheese, an individual chocolate bar, and a box of crackers.

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