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saxelby cheesemongers connoisseur's club fall selection - two different wedges of the same cheese on a cheese board at different ages
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Saxelby's Connoisseur's Club (as featured in the NY Times) is for the true curd nerds out there! Four times a year, we'll ship a customized selection of cheese designed to educate and illuminate the wonderful world of cheese! Think of it as a tasting deep dive into different aspects of cheesemaking. Delivered four times annually: In January, April, July, and October. 

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Summer Shipment - Think there's only one way to make ricotta? Think again! The Summer Club features four distinct styles of fresh ricotta - Caputo Brothers Creamery's 95% whey-based ricotta, Renaissance Ricotta - traditional whole milk ricotta from Narragansett Creamery, Salvatore Ricotta - like ricotta on steroids, made from whole milk AND heavy cream, and Ricotta Lana - a seasonal fresh sheep's milk ricotta.  Includes 3.5lbs of cheese total. July 2022 - Ship Date TBD

Fall Shipment - See what a difference aging makes! It's true in the world of wine AND cheese too! Taste three cheeses at two different age profiles to see how flavors develop, change, and intensify. Featured cheeses will be Spring Brook Tarentaise, Pleasant Ridge Reserve, and Queso del Invierno. Includes six hand-cut wedges of cheese totaling approx. 2lbs. October 2022 - Ship Date TBD

Winter Shipment - Compare and contrast the flavor profiles of three gooey, spoonable bark-wrapped cheeses - Winnimere and Harbison from Jasper Hill Farm, and Merry Goat Round Spruce Reserve from Firefly Farms. Includes three full wheels of cheese totaling approx. 2lbs. January 2022 - Ship Date TBD

Spring Shipment - Savor the first taste of spring with three fresh, seasonal, bloomy-rind cheeses - Bonaparte from Lazy Lady Farm, Cowles from Barn First Creamery, and Summer Snow from Woodcock Farm. Includes three full wheels of cheese totaling approx 1.5lbs. April 2022 - Ship Date TBD



  • The cost of shipping is included in the cost of the club  
  • Connoisseur's Clubs ordered by the first Wednesday of each month will ship that same month, if applicable. Please consult shipping dates in description above.
  • Clubs ordered after the first Wednesday of the month will ship out with the following installment. Please consult shipping dates in the description above.

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