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Triple Cream Dream

Saxelby Cheese

Triple Cream Dream
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What is it about triple creams that make them so delicious?

Triple cream cheeses are unique in that they aren't just made using milk, but rather milk and an extra helping of cream.  To be considered a triple cream, the cheese must contain 75% butterfat (by comparison, butter must contain 80% butterfat). That butterfat is what gives these cheeses their mild flavor, silky texture, and addicting creaminess.

We've selected three of our favorites from this category for you to fall in love with:

Gatekeeper - a blended sheep/cow's milk triple creme washed in cider, Kunik - a blended goat/cow's milk triple creme with a supple bloomy rind, and Nancy's Camembert -  a sheep/cow's milk camembert style with a silky texture.

Contains over 1 lb of cheese and serves 3-5 people.

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