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Beer Lover's Box

Saxelby Cheese

Beer Lover's Box -- Cheese, Charcuterie, and Crackers
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In this day and age, even if you aren't a complete beer nerd, you definitely know one.  This is for them, with a combo of cheeses and accompaniments set to pair with a range of beers.  Trifecta, a decadent sheep and cow's milk cheese washed in beer at Crown Finish Caves, is soft, slightly funky and rich.  The Cave Aged cheddar from Jasper Hill Farm is a classic cheddar ready to play with a wide range of malty or English style IPA's.  Rounding out the cheese selection is a unique Tilsit style cheese from Brovetto Dairy soaked in Muddy River Black IPA.  All major categories of beer, from stouts, IPA's, malty ambers and sours are going to find plenty to agree with here.

Additionally, Cerveza Seca a (delicious) fragrant salami from Charlitos made with brown ale and crackers from Talbott and Arding fill out the selection.  This is not a spread to miss.

Includes over a pound of cheese, a five-ounce individual salami, and a box of crackers.

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