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Burrata cheese: one of mankind's highest achievements (and guiltiest pleasures!) in the medium of curds and cream. What's the difference between burrata and mozzarella? Burrata is made from fresh mozzarella curd, which is kneaded and stretched before being formed into a pouch-like shape and filled with a mixture of thick heavy cream and strings of mozzarella called "stracciatella." The result is a sweet, decadent, and creamy mixtures of curds and cream that oozes forth when cut into, perfect to eat as an appetizer, on pizza, or with other recipes. Burrata originated in Andria, a small city in southern Italy as a way for cheesemakers to re-use the "nodini," or knot-shaped mozzarella that was left over at the end of the day. The cheesemakers would simply untie the knots of mozzarella curd, pull them apart into strings, and soak them overnight in salted heavy cream. The next day the mixture of "stracciatella" would be used to fill the burrata. God bless the Italians and all the delicious things that have resulted from their thrift and ingenuity in the culinary arts! Each tub contains 2x4oz balls of burrata, for a total of 8oz. Pairing notes: Pinot Grigio, Vermentino, light acidic southern Italian red wines like Primitivo and Aglianico

Certified Kosher under Tablet K – Religious Kitchen Supervisions in New York


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