Black Label Bayley Hazen Blue

Jasper Hill Farm

Black Label Bayley Hazen Blue
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Black Label Bayley Hazen Blue comes around once in a blue moon... Jasper Hill Farm's Black Label program was designed to highlight exceptional batches of cheese; their expert sensory analysis team grades batches as Black Label only if they reach the highest ideals of flavor, texture, and aroma. This particular batch of Bayley Hazen Blue (made on November 28, 2023) has an extra fudgy and smooth texture, with a sweet and toasty profile. It has dominant flavors of malt and sweet cream, complimented by subtle notes of anise and miso. 

Pairing notes: beers like Stouts, Porters, and Scotch Ales, red wines like Merlot and Zinfandel, sweet dessert wines like Sauternes and Port, Bourbon.

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