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Noblette is a smaller, cuter version of Noble Road, one of our best-selling brie-style cheeses. Wheels of Noblette are buttery, earthy, and mushroomy, with a slightly tart, sour cream-y finish. The cheese is made from the milk of Calkins Creamery's registered herd of Holstein cows and aged in a special microclimate within their on-farm cellar for 4-6 weeks. Each wheel of Noblette weighs in at approximately 12oz and is perfect for making baked brie - just wrap it in phyllo dough and pop it in the oven until gooey and spoonable! Pairing notes: dry cider, pilsner beers, wheat beers, sparkling wines like Champagne and cava, light red wines like Gamay and Pinot Noir.

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