Mad River Blue

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Mad River Blue
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Mad River Blue is a rich, fudgy, cow’s milk blue cheese crafted in Vermont’s Mad River Valley. The von Trapp family (of The Sound of Music fame) took up residence in Vermont after the second World War, and chose the farm because the location reminded them of the landscape of their native Austria. They have been practicing regenerative farming on their farm since 1959, and have been making artisan cheese since 2009. The dairy farm is now run by the founders’ grandchildren, who decided to add value to their family’s herd of certified organic cows by making artisan cheese. Mad River Blue is dense, earthy and peppery with notes of black licorice, mushrooms, and chocolate. Pairing notes: dark red wines like Syrah and Malbec, sweet dessert wines like Port and Sauternes, off dry white wines like Riesling

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