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Cheese Stats

Milk Type: Cow

Milk Treatment: Raw

Rennet: Animal

Style: Natural Rind

Texture: Semi-Firm

Age: 3-5 Months

Size: 6lb Wheel


Jersey Girl

Woodcock Farm - Weston, Vermont

A semi-firm cows’ milk tomme made from the milk of Lisa Cayman’s Jersey Girls. No, we’re not talking the Garden State here, we’re talking purebred Jersey cows. The Jersey breed is known for their ultra creamy milk…the butterfat surpasses that of most other dairy breeds. Mark Fisher, owner of Woodcock Farm, buys milk from Jersey Girls Farm to make his cows’ milk cheeses throughout the year. The paste is fudgy, squidgy and creamy, breaking down on the palate like thick cheesy peanut butter. The flavor is buttery and sharp, with hints of earth, pepper, and fruit. Aged 3-5 months.

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