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Cowbella Creamery

Jefferson, New York

Cowbella Creamery is a seventh generation dairy farm located in the heart of New York State. Owners Shannon and Dan Finn have a herd of 40 grass fed Jersey cows, a breed known for their high butterfat production, which makes them ideally suited to producing cream for Cowbella's superlative grass fed butter. At Cowbella, the cows are family, and family is at the heart of everything they do. 

Cowbella Creamery - the Finn Family on their 7th generation farm in Jefferson, New York

This farm has an incredible history. Founded in 1817, the second generation, Martha Danforth, was forced to take the reins of the farm when her husband passed away suddenly. With the help of her five daughters and one son, she decided to start a butter business. In 1893 she sent her butter to the Chicago World's Fair, where it won awards that still hang in the farmhouse to this day! In 1919, Martha's son Everett bought a purebred Jersey bull; the Jersey breed being renowned for its butterfat production. The farm's bloodlines have been continuous for over 100 years.

In 2010, Shannon and Dan made the decision to revive the farm's butter making history, producing in small batches. The Finn's are grass obsessed, their cows are pasture grazed in the summer and fed locally foraged dry hay and a touch of supplemental grain in the winter months. They farm all of their own baleage and dry hay from their fields that are fertilized the old fashioned way, with manure from their grazing cows. They supplement the cow's diet with grain from local Schoharie Valley farms that they know and trust that is a custom ration made for the herd to balance their different needs based on whether they’re grazing on pasture or eating stored winter forage. From late April to as late as early November, their girls graze 70 acres of pasture night and day, only coming in the barn for milking times.

Cowbella's grass fed butter is one of the greatest pleasures in life. At its root, grass fed butter is basically sunshine transformed by cows into smooth, spreadable, decadence. The bright yellow color comes from the carotenes found in green pasture grasses, and the flavor is off the charts - sweet, delicate, and wholesome.

AND (bonus!) science shows that it's even good for you! Grass fed butter is higher in healthier unsaturated fats and Omega 3 fatty acids which contribute positively to heart, brain, eye, and lung health, and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which studies have shown have positive effects on cardiovascular disease, cancer, inflammation, and immune response.

Read our blog on grass fed butter to learn more about this incredible (and incredibly delicious!) product.


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