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Salvatore Bklyn

Brooklyn, New York

Salvatore BKLYN began as a labor of love when the owners first encountered a Tuscan elder gent named Salvatore whilst traveling in Tuscany. That visit, and the lessons learned in the art of how he made his amazing ricotta cheese, formed the basis for founding Salvatore BKLYN.  After many trials they managed to tame their wild American curds into a creamy and delectable fresh cheese. Salvatore BKLYN’s ricotta is dense, more so than regular ricotta, because it is made from a blend of whole milk and cream; and then the curds are strained overnight. Salvatore BKLYN sources its milk from upstate New York and makes cheese daily at their small creamery in Red Hook, Brooklyn.  Simple and delicious, you can find their plain and smoked ricotta in retail stores and on the menu of some of New York’s finest restaurants.

Cheeses From This Farm

  • Salvatore Bklyn Plain Ricotta
  • Salvatore Bklyn Smokey Ricotta
Photo Credits: Salvatore Bklyn

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